A Vote for Obama Is a Vote for Michael Chabon

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Look out David Geffen: Michael Chabon and wife Ayelet Waldman sent out a fund-raising letter today on behalf of their new best friend, Barack Obama (thereby giving the Post another reason to hate on Chabon). A mass e-mail from the duo states their fund-raising goal of $25,000. It reads in part, "Have you ever voted for a candidate you really believed in? We haven't. Don't you want to? Once in your life?" The letter is short on policy points but does take time to excoriate Bush (bold move) and praise Obama for being a candidate "who acknowledges ambiguity." Not to mention the fact that "We know Barack — Ayelet went to law school with him, Michael's met him. We have seen him speak, and were impressed … " So why should you give, exactly? "Because you like Obama, or because you like us." — Boris Kachka

Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman Fundraise For Obama [BarackObama.com]