Brett Ratner, Jackie Chan Share a Chuckle Over the Corpse of the X-Men Franchise

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

If you're Brett Ratner, and you've basically driven the X-Men movie franchise out of business via your ham-handed film X-Men 3, what comes next? Apparently, taunting disappointed fans of the characters via online video. Ratner's spoof of an X-Men 4 pitch meeting, starring himself and Jackie Chan, is part of MTV's campaign to let You do their work for them — encouraging Time's Person of the Year to create the movie spoofs that are traditionally the only good part of the MTV Movie Awards. But as Chan rattles off ideas for a proposed fourth film in the franchise ("I play Wolverine's son, Teen Wolf!" "Shanghai Wolverine!" "X-Men in magic tuxedo!"), we quickly realize that this short video lacks the crucial element of good satire: believability. In the spoof, Ratner shoots down every one of Chan's ideas. In real life, you just know he's already got Shanghai Wolverine fast-tracked somewhere.

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