Debra Messing's Breasts: Comedy Gold?

Debra Messing Photo: Photo by Getty Images

Are flat-chested ladies less funny? Yesterday during "Look Who's Laughing," Tribeca Film Festival's panel on women and comedy, Debra Messing claimed that NBC execs tried to increase her cup size on the set of Will & Grace. "When we shot the pilot, I was handed chicken cutlets in the wardrobe," she said. "They're like silicone boobs for women who have mastectomies. And I wore them. After the show was picked up, I said, 'I don't want to wear these. I actually like the idea that she's completely flat-chested. I think there's comedy in that.' We shot three episodes, and then I was called to my executive producer's office, who sat me down and said, 'We got a call from the president of NBC, and he said, "What happened to her boobs?"' They were not happy. The show [was about] gay men, and I had to be the woman. They said, 'You have to wear them.' And I said, 'I won't.' I left it in their hands." The network eventually dropped the issue. — Bennett Marcus