Jack Nicholson Thinks Being Slutty Makes You Left-Wing

Nicholson with the latest Young Socialite of the Month Photo: Patrick McMullan

From Rolling Stone's 40th Anniversary issue:

"Sexual freedoms have a lot to do with how far most radical movements get … Once you deny that normal, organic sexual flow, the country is going to move right." —Jack Nicholson

"I always thought he was a hippie." —Ringo Starr, on Kurt Cobain

"I was the guy who got beat up by the cops the most." —Bob Weir, on his Grateful Dead bandmates

"I've taken what I think of as the 'man from Mars approach': I've just arrived from Mars, I have no idea what you're doing, but I'm very interested." —Tom Wolfe, on his interviewing technique

"Anger." —Jane Fonda, on what makes young people hopeful.