Watch Tribeca's Short Films. Laugh. Cry. Eat Milk Duds.

Gregory Mitnick's Lawrence.Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

No attention span? That's okay, ours is short, too. That's why … look! Someone just flashed something shiny at us! What were we just saying? Oh, yeah. Just for you (and your ADD), the Tribeca Film Festival is screening short films with some of their features. And now you can watch the strongest ones in their entirety on our Best Shorts page. Check out Myles Price's business-class drama Vartan LLP, Campbell Maynes's man-versus-nature thriller When the Tide Turns, Gregory Mitnick's quirky romance Lawrence, Lee Wang's military doc Someone Else's War, and Sonia Whiteman's stylistic slice-of-life Len's Love Story. And sit still already.

The Best of the Tribeca Shorts [NYM]