Ari Emanuel Defends Chris Albrecht

Over on the Huffington Post, agent Ari Emanuel comes to the defense of HBO's deposed president Chris Albrecht, who was arrested last weekend for allegedly assaulting a female companion. Emanuel decries the media for their treatment of Albrecht, claiming that they "dusted off the cobwebs" from a sixteen-year-old incident to create "a pattern" of behavior. Though we're not convinced that Albrecht's behavior warranted a firing from a job he was indisputably fantastic at, we do think it's a little callous of Emanuel to bemoan the media's treatment of Albrecht without even nodding at Albrecht's treatment of women — not an invented pattern, but an actual pattern, if you believe Nikki Finke, anyway, who may be overly desperate for credit but is rarely wrong.

In Defense of Chris Albrecht [Huffington Post]