Big Boi: The Ballet?

Photo: Getty Images

If you were to ask us which member of Outkast would be most likely to collaborate on a ballet, we definitely would guess André 3000. That just sounds more like something he'd do in between acting in movies, composing a symphony, curing cancer, and designing clothes of such glorious beauty that all who gaze upon them go blind. But we'd be wrong! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Outkast's Big Boi will collaborate on a new work for the Atlanta Ballet. Big Boi will perform onstage with the troupe's dancers, as well as other performers from Purple Ribbon Entertainment, Big Boi's record label. So we're surprised it's Big Boi, but also glad; that suggests that the ballet might be good from beginning to end, instead of being really really great for four minutes and then kind of lame the rest of the way.

Big Boi of Outkast Teams Up With Atlanta Ballet [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]