Bruce Willis Rages Against the Haters

Photo: Photo by Getty Images

Bruce Willis wants you to know he keeps it real. Yesterday, the Die Hard 4 star — going by the handle "Walter B," for his real name Walter Bruce — responded to haters on the Über-movie-nerd Website Aint It Cool News because, Willis said, "I feel a strong personal pull to hear from an audience I do not know, sans Bullshit … sans gossip, just the straight, tight shit." Telling the truth meant slagging his Armageddon director Michael Bay, who apparently would have "ruined DH4. Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again." Willis also refers to himself as "John Mafuckin'Clane" after his Die Hard character and says his two biggest regrets are passing on the part of "Moose" in the English Patient and turning down the lead in Ghost. And he defends the controversial decision to make Die Hard 4 PG-13 instead of R, "Except for the 'Fuck' allotment," Willis insists, "this film rocks." —Jessica Grose