‘Cavemen’ Creator’s Publicist Defends the Show, Sort Of

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Looks like we're not the only ones who think ABC's upcoming pilot Cavemen can't cut it outside the Cro-Magnon demographic. "There are a lot of haters out there," confesses Lisa Harrison, who represents copywriter turned screenwriter Joe Lawson. (Lawson created the caveman campaign for Geico while working at the Martin Agency. He hired Blades of Glory alums Josh Gordon and Will Speck to direct the campaign; together, the three of them pitched the show.) And if history is any predictor, Cavemen is doomed to flop: Both The California Raisins Show, based on a series of commercials for California Raisin Growers, and Baby Bob, featuring the talking-baby spokesman for the now-defunct freeinternet.com, were dropped after one season. Still, Harrison remains hopeful: "The pilot is really good and really funny and, like all pilots, a prototype, not perfect." But one NBC employee who reviewed the show had less than good things to say about it. "It is not hip at all," she lamented. "The women in it look like Kelly Kapowski. The one saving grace is Nick Kroll. He has some really good one-liners. But still, he is in a caveman outfit." —Miriam Datskovsky