Jerry Seinfeld: The Michael Jordan of TV?

Jerry Seinfeld Photo: Photo by Getty Images

If you're the fourth-place network for the third year running, we guess anything involving Jerry Seinfeld feels like it's worth airing, even if it's a twenty "minisode" run of infomercials for his new animated DreamWorks film, Bee Movie. Yesterday, the network's all-star breadwinner showed up at Radio City Music Hall to announce that he's come back to try to save the "network I love" after ten years away. He told the crowd of advertisers that he'd noticed big differences in the industry, mainly that "you are making a different amount of money." The modest comedian then repeatedly touted his show's perennial No. 1 status and compared himself to Michael Jordan, explaining that the reason he wasn't coming back to do another series is that it would be akin to Jordan retiring at the top of his game only to play another two years with the Washington Wizards. And besides, Seinfeld explained, "Even if I wanted to do another series, I can't do what they do today, with the worms and the one-legged dancing. Sometimes I feel like the whole industry packed up and joined the circus." —Jada Yuan

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