Julie Christie: Still Too Cool for Us

Christie last night at the after-party for Away From Her.Photo by Getty Images

In case you were wondering, Julie Christie is still a star. When she exited the Soho Grand after-party for the debut of her new film, Away from Her, directed by 28-year-old actress Sarah Polley, a crowd awaited with cameras and "memorabilia" clearly printed out at home moments before she descended the stairs and destined to be sold on eBay soon after she'd handed over her autograph. Christie was polite and patient with the small throng of fans. These people, she can tolerate. The press not so much. We asked her what convinced her to do this role. "It had nothing to do with the role. I just thought, I can't not work with Sarah." Then we asked her why she's done so few movies in recent years and she replied, "Because I have to do this [interview] every time I finish one," and walked away. At first we were hurt. Then we thought, Have we won an Academy Award? No. Are we likely to win one next year? Well, then, Ms. Christie, as you wish. —Jada Yuan