LCD Soundsystem Fans Clap Their Hands, Say ‘Yeah’

James Murphy in Italy on March 22, 2007 Photo: Photo by Paolo Proserpio / Retna

People who say the indie kids don’t dance only have it half right. They’ll dance — as long as James Murphy's willing to party till he pukes. Last Saturday, a dedicated crowd made the long rain-soaked walk from the L train to Studio B (seriously, couldn’t the Greenpoint dance mecca spring for some kind of ghetto shuttle service, à la the Hook?) for a night of beat-driven mayhem courtesy of the DFA Records mastermind and his band LCD Soundsystem. Hipsters mostly ignored Murphy’s notably lethargic vibe — he apologized to the crowd for having “erroneously” drank too much before the show, and one onlooker alleged that Murphy took a “puke break” toward the end of his set — and went wild with fists pumping, hyper dance-stomping, and even an apeshit sing-along to the easy-to-master “Yeah” (“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” — okay, you get the drift). A D.J.-fueled party commenced after the show (and went until the wee hours), but once their guru had left the stage, most attendees blearily reverted to their pre-show apathy. They filtered slowly out in an orderly, sweat-soaked haze, leaving only the true believers to dance the night away. —Sara Cardace

LCD Soundsystem, "Yeah" [YouTube]
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