Linkin Park Album Leaks, Fans Crush Beer Cans Against Foreheads

Courtesy of Warner Bros / WEA

What's new on the file-sharing networks this week.

Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight

Official release date: May 15

The Internet loves it! "Wow … Just a great album. Talk about changing gears. Talk about sounding more pure and more raw than ever before. Talk about finding a new take on old sound … I think this is one of the best rock albums I've ever heard." [Black Iris]

The Internet hates it! "Why do todays' bands feel the need to re-invent themselves? … Where is the ENERGY?!? I wanted to love this so bad, but in the end, it's a valiant try at something new, but it just leaves me wanting what they gave us in the past." [A City Full of Dharma]

We think: A passable stab at a mid-career reinvention, Minutes to Midnight finds Linkin Park attempting the difficult transition from rap-metal to emo — another crowded genre nearing its expiration date. Rick Rubin's outsize production and "Shadow of the Day"'s not-so-subtle nod to Joshua Tree–era U2 help make things interesting, but probably not enough to win them any new fans. —Lane Brown