NBC's ‘Bionic Woman’: She's Got Super-Enhanced Legs, and She's Learning How to Use Them

Michelle RyanCourtesy of NBC

Vulture's taking a look at some of the most prominent of the picked-up fall TV shows. Which are good? Which are horrible? And most important, which will be worth a precious DVR season pass?

Title: The Bionic Woman

Stars: Michelle Ryan, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Chris Bowers

Network: NBC, Wednesdays at 9

The pitch: Up-to-date reimagining of the seventies TV series, from David Eick, who similarly invigorated Battlestar Galactica.

Pilot report: Bartender Jamie (Ryan), after a terrible car accident, is shocked to find that her researcher boyfriend Will (Bowers) has replaced her arms, legs, eye, and ear with bionic parts. Will's employers, a shadowy quasi-military organization, want Jamie to serve as a super-soldier, but she's warned away by Sarah (Sackhoff) — the first bionic woman, now a crazy killing machine.

Representative dialogue: "This operation, this patient, doesn't officially exist. We have deniability. We can always terminate later if need be."

Breakout star: British actress Ryan, late of long-running U.K. soap EastEnders, is tough, fiery, and intriguing as Jamie.

Worth a season pass?: Maybe. Bionic Woman has "cult hit" written all over it, and if you're a fan of Battlestar, you might want to give this a shot. But it's also quirky enough to have "early cancellation" written all over it as well, so save up a half-dozen episodes and, if it lasts through October, dive on in.