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last night's gig

Patrick Wolf, Our New Favorite Diva

Patrick Wolf, last night at the Bowery BallroomPhoto by Getty Images

The highlight of last night's Patrick Wolf show at the Bowery Ballroom: After yanking his black wig off to reveal a shock of orange hair, playing the theremin (which he called his "only friend"), smearing glitter all over his face, crooning "Moon River," apologizing for being on "stackers" (steroids), quoting 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny," nearly yodeling through his feel-good summer hit "The Magic Position," going through five costume changes (including one super-gay Uncle Sam outfit), and absolutely nailing a chilling piano-ballad version of Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love," a voice from the crowd asked the baroque British singer-songwriter, "Patrick, what are you thinking?" And without missing a beat, Wolf delivered his best over-the-shoulder silent-movie glance, shouting: "NOT WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THUNK!"

Patrick Wolf, "The Magic Position" [YouTube]