Paul McCartney Album Leaks, Boomers Dust Off the Rolling Papers

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Paul McCartney, Memory Almost Full

Official release date: June 5

The Internet loves it!: "Overall, Memory Almost Full is a solid effort from a ridiculously talented musician. I can tell a few of these songs are going to be staples on my playlist pretty soon … Well done, Sir Paul." [Ross Blog]

The Internet hates it!: "I want to like this album but … this is the same material that he's been releasing for all of his career … A pleasant trip, if one that you've taken many times before." [All the Kings Men]

We think: It's not exactly Time Out of Mind, but Memory might be the most somber album in McCartney's discography. In the past year, he's been through a divorce and a 64th birthday, and both are discernible inspirations for these songs; "Nod Your Head" and "Only Mama Knows" seem to be aimed at Heather Mills, while pretty much everything else is informed by a new awareness of his own mortality. His pop instincts are still sharp, though, and half of these tracks could pass for Band on the Run leftovers. Not bad. —Lane Brown