‘Persepolis’ Trailer Brings Iron Maiden to Iran

We admit that unlike nearly everyone else, we weren't big fans of Marjane Satrapi's breakout graphic memoir Persepolis finding her artwork distractingly crude for the sophisticated story of growing up in Iran she was trying to tell. But in turning Persepolis into a film, Satrapi has transformed her simplistic comics panels into snazzier and more fluid animation, lending this adorable teaser trailer a visual vibrance to match the personality of its spunky protagonist.

"This is a symbol of Western decadence!" two be-chadored Iranian matrons tell young Marjane, pointing at her Michael Jackson pin. "Not at all," Marjane protests. "It's Malcolm X!" And even if your high-school French, like ours, isn't up to the task of translating the entire trailer, it's not hard to fall for the scene in which the girl haggles with a black-market salesman for an Iron Maiden cassette, and then rocks out, air-guitaring furiously, in her bedroom.