So You Think You Can Resist ‘So You Think You Can Dance’?

So you think you can judge a dance contest?Courtesy of Fox

American Idol can make you famous. Dancing With the Stars can revive your career. So You Think You Can Dance holds no such promises, although this year the grand prize of $250,000 strikes us as a lot more enticing than the chance to dance for Celine Dion’s kickline last year. And last night’s auditions in Chicago and Los Angeles promised some fairly epic storylines, too: the return of Hawk, the break-dancer who cried at last year’s tryouts and then got booted because of visa problems, we hope with more popping and weeping; the likely crash of Lacey Schwimmer, the sister of last year’s champion, Benji, who has delusionally high hopes of turning the show into a ballroom-swirling dynasty; the infiltration of more B-boys like the guy from Chicago whose moves even made You Got Served choreographer Shane Sparks’s jaw drop. Although we were sad to see that the chubby male hairdresser didn’t make the cut (who didn’t gasp when he did the splits?!), we still feel rewarded by a show that teaches us it’s a lot harder to dance with a prosthetic leg (red light) than a prosthetic arm (green light). —Drew Pisarra