The Best Rap Song About Frozen Yogurt Ever!

Lady Tigra Photo: Courtesy of Lady Tigra

We've been obsessed with Lady Tigra ever since her rap duo L'Trimm dropped "Cars With the Boom" in 1988. Now she's back … with a song about Pinkberry frozen yogurt? Okay, we know how that sounds, but our friends at Grub Street testify to its awesomeness: "'Sorry, ice cream,' raps a petulant, girly voice, 'but I'm thinking of a different dessert.' And off we go: 'Succulent mango! Tangy kiwi! It’s an obsession! Simple and delightful! And guilt-free! Yummy!' The lyrics, which sound translated from Japanese or Martian, ride a kind of reggae-lite beat that wouldn’t be out of place on a Lily Allen number." Listen and believe the hype.

Hear the Pinkberry Jingle, Attempt to Get It Out of Your Head [Grub Street]