The Comic-Book Wedding to End All Comic-Book Weddings

Gebbie and MoorePhoto: Neil Gaiman

Rebecca Mead's new book One Perfect Day, an indictment of the wedding-industrial complex, is getting review attention from pretty much every current or former New York editor of Slate you can think of. But if Mead thinks today's ornate weddings are stultifyingly homogeneous, what would she think of the madcap photos from this weekend's nuptials of comics genius Alan Moore (Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell)? Moore, wearing a purple bowler hat, wed his Lost Girls co-creator Melinda Gebbie, and author Neil Gaiman was there to document. Caution: Violent colors ahead!

Some Photographs From the Wedding of the Greatest Living Englishman and Melinda Perry Gebbie [Neil Gaiman]