‘Ugly Betty’ Star Not Invited to ‘EW’ Party

Gorham Photo: Photo by Getty Images

Apparently not all Hollywood-based television stars are feeling the love equally during upfronts week. While doing our red-carpet duty at Entertainment Weekly's party at the Box last night, we were oddly joined in the reporters' pen by Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty's Henry, as he made his way off the carpet and into the car he was sharing with Eric Mabius (who plays the show's playboy EIC Daniel Meade). What was he doing? "I'm leaving. Eric made me do the red carpet. I wasn't even invited," he said, blushing. "It's so awkward." Aw. So how does he feel about being a nerd sex symbol? "Okay, now I feel really awkward." And then he ran away. —Jada Yuan