Video: D.J. Kool Herc Thanks Don Imus at the 24-Hour Rapathon in Harlem

Last weekend, the Hip Hop Cultural Center in Harlem hosted a 24-Hour Rapathon, and Vulture was there to film the show, right down to the last second (and, okay, another half hour beyond that — hip-hop, it don't stop!) "It's the first time ever that someone has amassed over 100 M.C.'s to rap for 24 hours," said the Center's director, Curtis Sherrod. "Do you understand how sick and ridiculous that is, people?" Legendary D.J. Kool Herc showed up to spin some records but didn't seem to like the rules — as Sherrod put it "no curses, no n-word, no b-word." Catch Herc's strange First Amendment argument around 0:33: "Free speech is in the Declaration. If the public want it, they gonna buy it. So on that note, thanks to Imus for keeping the dialogue open about injustice around here."