Week in Review: The Eagles, Million-Dollar Book Deals, and Robots

Looking back on a week in which we learned to steer clear of crazed Boston Pops fans

•The Eagles: Underrated!

•Banksy: Exposed!

•The Tonys: Predicted!

•How are things going with your first novel? Andrew Davidson's book, The Gargoyle, is doing okay … $1.25 million okay.

•Did Vanity Fair editor and first-time novelist Doug Stumpf give his source a car?

•Why were we so disappointed by Spider-Man 3? And which villains will disappoint us in Spider-Man 4?

•If Mike White and Judd Apatow had a nerdy slapfight, who would win?

•And we saw great shows from Patrick Wolf, Arcade Fire, Björk, and of course, a band of robots who enslaved their human lead singer via a microchip implanted in his ass.