A British Boy and His Sparkly, Sparkly Baton

When soft-spoken Britain's Got Talent contestant Craig first comes out onstage in his iridescent, Star Trek-y costume and hesitantly announces that his talent is baton-twirling, you can be forgiven if you steel yourself for something a bit painful. But then Craig mentions that he's had to keep his baton-twirling a secret from his parents and launches into his routine to the uplifting strains of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," at which point the crowd, appropriately, goes mad with excitement. We challenge your heart not to be warmed by the closing scene, in which the wowed judges give their verdicts and even the soft strains of James Blunt's cheesy "You're Beautiful" piping in don't seem particularly melodramatic. Well, okay. Maybe just a little. —Sara Cardace