A Niemöllerian/ Brechtian Analysis of an Alarming Concert Trend

Once, twice, three times Ben Kweller.Photo: Amanda Rose/Retna

When they announced that Sonic Youth would be playing Daydream Nation in its entirety, we said nothing. We have a soft spot for Thurston Moore.

When they announced that Slint would be playing Spiderland in its entirety, we said nothing. We are Spiderland fans.

When they announced that Lou Reed would be playing Berlin in its entirety, we said nothing. We thought, Eh, what's the harm?

When they announced that Ben Kweller would be playing Sha Sha, On My Way, and Ben Kweller, each in its entirety at three consecutive shows at Southpaw this July, we took to our keyboards and demanded that such special engagements be reserved for albums that anyone actually cares about. —Sara Cardace

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