Baumbach Is Back

Tagline: "A film by Noah Baumbach, the director of The Squid & The Whale."
Translation: Summer is almost over.
The Gist: Like a blizzard in June, this unseasonable trailer stars no aliens, zombies, or superheroes. Instead, it announces Baumbach's upcoming fall-film-fest-friendly feature, Margot at the Wedding. (See ya at the N.Y. Film Fest!). And, yes, he's back to strained family dynamics: two sisters (Nicole Kidman and Baumbach's partner Jennifer Jason Leigh), one lovable-loser fiancé (Jack Black), and one floppy-haired son who has a Graduate-esque moment at the bottom of a pool. The trailer (scored to a melancholic "Our House") is intriguing enough, but its timing couldn't be better. —Logan Hill