Ben Silverman vs. The Joker: Who Gets the Last Laugh?

We couldn't stop staring at photos of NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman, the man who will soon be bringing us the greatest TV show in the history of TV shows, repurposed Colombian telenovela Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso, or Without Breasts There Is No Paradise. Obviously, Silverman's a genius. But something about that smile he flashes in every single photo reminded us of someone. Who could it be?

Ben Silverman

The Joker
Identifying characteristic Wide, gleaming, rictuslike smile Wide, gleaming, rictuslike smile
Secondary characteristic Devilish eyebrows Devilish eyebrows
Complexion Gorgeous burnt umber Hideous greasepaint white

Origin story
Successful agent and producer, made powerful by prolonged exposure to toxic reality shows (The Biggest Loser, Nashville Star) Successful supervillain, made powerful by prolonged exposure to toxic waste
Villainous peak Hired to replace beloved NBC President Kevin Reilly Shoots Commissioner Gordon's daughter, putting her in wheelchair
Highbrow cred Transforms The Office and Ugly Betty into hit series Robs the Gotham Art Museum

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Photos: Getty Images (Silverman), Courtesy of Warner Bros. (Joker)