In ‘The Invasion,’ Nicole Kidman Plays a Cold, Unfeeling Alien. Preposterous!

Tagline: "Remain Calm."

Translation: We're running with this ice-queen thing.

The Gist: Warner Bros. kicks this off with a huge bang — exploding spaceship — then hurtles us into a fancy zombie plot, in which alien contamination turns humans into emotionless ciphers living among us (very Galactica). Ah, but there's hope! "You can fool them: Don’t show emotion; then they can’t tell who’s who," someone tells Kidman, who is apparently one of the few human survivors, thanks to her naturally steely demeanor. This disguise is devious critical jujitsu: Kidman's weakness is now her strength. You must root for her not to emote. —Logan Hill

The Invasion [Yahoo Movies]
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