Interpol Forgets Mission Statement to Release Songs That All Sound the Same

Paul "Fountain of Inspiration" Banks, of Interpol.Photo: Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Interpol, "Pioneer to the Falls"
This excellent first track from Interpol's new album nearly excuses the fact that all their other songs sound pretty much the same. [Send Me Dead Flowers]

2. The White Stripes, "Baby Brother"
Jack White turns in a rockabilly number about a sibling he's hopefully not been married to. [The Music Begins]

3. Example, "Toxic Breath"
Mike "The Streets" Skinner's protégé reimagines Britney's "Toxic" as a treatise on the serious dangers of halitosis. [MySpace]

4. Minnie Driver feat. Ryan Adams, "Beloved"
The Good Will Hunting star's songwriting is almost as impressive as Adams's acting. [Ingrained Refrains]

5. The Fratellis, "New York, New York" (Frank Sinatra cover)
Apparently this Glaswegian trio thinks that having been featured in an iPod commercial exempts them from having to know the words to this song. [Music Slut]
—Lane Brown