Enough With the Funny Fake Outtakes, Judd Apatow!

Yes, it was hilarious the first time, when we got to imagine the prospect of Michael Cera playing the lead in Knocked Up (and getting fired by Judd Apatow). But this latest fake outtake from the movie, featuring an irritable James Franco storming off the set after an argument with Apatow — now showing on FunnyOrDie.com — leaves us a little cold. Yes, it is cute that Franco feels comfortable poking fun at himself, but what celebrity doesn't at this point?

We liked Knocked Up enough that we wish they'd just start releasing more real outtakes, ones that illuminate the ideas behind the film or explore the characters further, rather than keep churning out these odes to Judd Apatow's celebrity connections. Does Universal have a hard drive filled with these things? Can we look forward to watching every former cast member of Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks, up to and including Ed Begley Jr., be a jerk on the set of Knocked Up?

James Franco gets fired as lead role in Knocked Up [FunnyOrDie.com]