Kanye West's New Video One-Upped in Advance by YouTube Hands

Kanye West may have hired profligate music-video legend Hype Williams to direct and the stunning R&B singer Cassie to co-star in the megabudget, special-effects-laden, three-months-in-the-making video for his next single, “Stronger.” But he’s already been shown up by a no-budget YouTube sensation. “Stronger” (listen to it here; go for the CD-quality version) is built on a sample of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” And it seems hard to believe that Kanye's video will be better than this homemade video for that song, done in one long take with Magic Marker, finger dexterity, and a little hand-jig to start. Kanye and Hype: You just got served. —Ben Wasserstein

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