‘My So-Called Life’ Finally on DVD?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Specialty news site TV Shows on DVD is reporting that My So-Called Life, the much-missed Claire Danes drama that ABC canceled in the midst of its first season, will finally be available on DVD this fall. Shout! Factory, the company responsible for the awesome DVD box set of similarly beloved Freaks and Geeks, is reportedly bringing back My So-Called Life. It's about time; the last time the show was released on DVD was 2002, and the company releasing it charged fans' credit cards multiple times, took a year to send the DVDs, and promptly went out of business. The DVDs have been known to fetch $200 or more on eBay. Luckily, come this fall, you can watch Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano live, laugh, and love for only $70 — and no longer will we have to bitch to friends that we can buy the sixth season of Full House on DVD, but not My So-Called Life. What kind of world was that to live in?

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