Obama Girl: Without Breasts There Is No YouTube

While many political Websites have weighed in on Obama Girl, the nom de slow jam of singer/songwriter Leah Kauffman and model Amber Lee Ettinger, no one has weighed in on the most important issue of all: Does this ode to the hotness of Barack Obama, "I Got a Crush … on Obama," have the legs to be a No. 1 hit? We say yes! Ettinger can writhe around as well as any current R&B temptress. The beat is tinny but tight; the synths sound like an early-nineties West Coast rap number, but the stuttering drums feel just now enough. And the lyrics! "You're into border security … Let's break this border between you and me." We're pretty sure it's only a matter of time before the girls in the clubs start seductively telling hopeful suitors, "Yeah, you can Barack me tonight."

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