Okay, HBO: We'll Bite.

HBO has a secretive new project in the works called HBOVoyeur, and we have to admit that we're fascinated. A little online investigation unearthed the project's purposefully vague Website, which in turn yielded the "trailer" above.

The Website also reveals that the project comes from "the boys who brought us the Sopranos and Six Feet Under" and that it's "so freakin’ complex it has more layers than a Vista update." Also revealed by the project's blogger on the site (an affable sort named Kesu) is that the project is scheduled to "have a film component that will only be premiering in New York City," a hint that was confirmed yesterday by the arrival of a similarly vague invitation to an "outdoor projection premiere" happening next Thursday at Casanis, on the Lower East Side. Also: "It is all about watching people do the things that people do when they think no one is watching."

The whole thing seems practically engineered with the intention of simultaneously intriguing and frustrating intrepid culture bloggers everywhere (thanks, HBO). Readers, stay tuned!