Posh Spice Under Delusion That Children Ever Think Their Parents Are Cool

Photo: Getty Images

"I might even get to be the cool one in my family for once." —Victoria Beckham, on her kids seeing her performing with the Spice Girls once again [Billboard]

"Probably because I was wearing lipstick." —Marilyn Manson speculates why he wasn't allowed inside a Cologne cathedral [Spiegel]

"I'm two different people. You saw Thomas Crown in full effect! Ricky Bobby, basically." —Timbaland compares himself to both Steve McQueen and Will Ferrell characters in one breath [Times Online]

"It's either so serious, space, or everything's so small, everything's so reduced." Sunshine director Danny Boyle on why sex scenes don't work in space movies [Radar]

"No matter … what I do in the next 10 years, if I step foot anywhere in Asia, they will say, 'You're the villain from Die Hard.'" —Timothy Olyphant on his initial hesitation about signing on to Live Free or Die Hard [PopMatters]
—Hannah Tucker