P.T. Anderson Returns! With Feel-Bad Film of the Century?

Tagline: "I hate most people … I see the worst in people."

Translation: Our trailer will crush your spirit in 83 seconds. Imagine how you'll feel after our movie.

The Gist: This unofficial trailer, leaked to YouTube, could be the grimmest advertisement in film history (if you can think of one that's more bleak, e-mail us). Sure, the original Sinclair Lewis novel Oil was bleak, but this nightmare glimpse of P.T. Anderson's new tragedy is practically apocalyptic, with Daniel Day Lewis, as an evil Texas oilman, intoning a misanthropic monologue, while miserable oil-well workers either stare blankly or run away from explosions, looking like they stepped out of American Gothic and into Deliverance. It certainly breaks through the white noise — but is selling this as a more morbid Matewan really the best idea? Expect a ray of hope in the official version. —Logan Hill