Slideshow: The Homeless 'Get Lost' Show

The upside of vagrancy: With a ballsy new curator but without a roof, the New Museum (set to open on the Bowery by the end of the year) has figured out how to mount a high-profile show without a home to call its own. Instead of borrowing a space —or calling it off altogether—the museum is publishing Get Lost: an oversize magazine of 21 “maps,” in which downtown Manhattan is reimagined by the artists (Thurston Moore, Terence Koh, Jonas Mekas, and others) who sustain its hype. “When you work as a curator, you find yourself relocating to a new city every couple of years,” says curator Massimiliano Gioni, whose past gigs include work with Milan’s Nicola Trussardi Foundation, and the Berlin Biennial. “Every time I move, I try to get to know the city through the eyes of the artists.” Get Lost will be available Wednesday in various galleries and hipster haunts. In the meantime, we’re giving the best works of this homeless show an online abode.
Rachel Wolff

'Get Lost' [Slideshow]