The Beastie Boys Have No Beef With the Indigenous Flora of Japan

Mike D. channels Bob Dylan.Photo: Getty Images

"I'm kind of concerned. Japanese people think we're making fun of sea vegetables? We love sea vegetables. Why would we make fun of them?" —Mike D. of the Beastie Boys on the negative overseas reception to their new track "Freaky Hijiki" [EW]

"I've always had an inkling that, one day, somebody would ask me to play God." —Morgan Freeman, who reprises his role as the man upstairs in Evan Almighty [Newsweek]

"I feel like I'm going to throw up." — Actress Maura West upon receiving a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns [CNN]

"He's a manny and a personal assistant and soon to be a clothing mogul. We've never had an affair." — Holly Peterson, author of The Manny, on an employee who goes by the name "Sunshine" [NYT]

"Well, I don't lie awake wishing I'd been in Braveheart or anything like that. But possibly at the time I wondered why every Scotsman who could walk upright was in it except me." —Singer-actor Billy Connolly on whether he gets frustrated about being typecast [Nerve]
Hannah Tucker