The Dance Phenomenon That's Sweeping the Nation!

If your nation is Holland, that is. “Jumpstyle,” or “Jumping,” a synchronized dance that falls somewhere between the familiar raver Running Man and New York–style double Dutch, is now all the rage in the Netherlands. Uncoordinated types, beware: Some clubs in Amsterdam even have “jumping only” Friday nights. Early-adopter Americans looking to get in near the ground floor of what could be the next “Macarena”-esque international dance craze should head straight to YouTube. Among the highlights of the many, many Jumpstyle videos on the site:

DJ Porny’s official video for “Me So Horny“ (shown above) which represents a particularly sophisticated entry in the genre; a lengthy jumping tutorial; and a cleverly reworked series of clips showing the Simpsons getting into the spirit. All have a painful, throbbing Jumpstyle beat, and yet somehow, all are uniquely awesome. Jump in! —Ben Wasserstein