A Greenery Press title by Midori, S&M instructor to Laura Alpert (J.T. Leroy) Photo: Greenery Press

Chris Anderson's The Long Tail drummed up the rise of niche markets as if it were a brand-new phenomenon. Not so in book publishing. Case in point: a new catalog from Greenery Press — "reading for the sexually adventurous since 1992." Along with catchall titles like The Compleat Spanker, the press specializes in "sturdy" micro-guides like Erotic Knifeplay or Canes and Caning. Smart! Our favorite: Dungeon Emergencies & Supplies, a "Toybag Guide … priced and sized for impulse purchase and sold with [its] own countertop display," which lists "the 30 [Ed. note: 30!] commonest BDSM emergencies." Greenery boasts that 70,000 copies of the title SM101 are already in print. Call it The Long Whip. —Boris Kachka