Vulture's First and Only Post Dedicated to the Paris Hilton Saga

Penitent in pink: Paris Hilton on Larry King. Photo: Courtesy of CNN

Perhaps you heard? Paris is out of jail, and she's capitalizing on the moment by asserting her saintly desires to do everything short of joining a nunnery. And though she's not an actress, singer, or possessor of any kind of evident creative talent (despite her camp's claims to the contrary), you can be excused for having at least a vague interest in the frenetic media goings-on regarding her release. It will likely affect her unleashing of misguided cultural detritus in the future, after all.

With that in mind, check out what the always-entertaining Fug Girls had to say in their live-blog of Hilton's interview with Larry King. You won't be disappointed. —Sara Cardace

The Fug Girls vs. Paris Hilton vs. Larry King [Daily Intel]

Edit: Of course, this isn't the only post in Vulture history on Paris Hilton. There's also our, um, most-read post ever, for obvious reasons.