Week in Review: Bleeding to Death, Feet Stuck to Floor

Photo: Photo illustration by Everett Bogue

Looking back on a week in which children kept talking during the hot sex scenes...

Book Expo kicked off, complete with hot first novels, Julianne Moore sightings, creepy robotic arms, Hollywood types, and the adorable Dwight Garner.

It was a week of great nights out, with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, with Bright Eyes, with the National, and with Miranda July.

Diagon Alley, here we come!

On the other hand, if you want to see those reality-show people in Grease, be ready to shell out.

The Blurb Patrol has been unleashed! The Department of Blurbland Security has declared the Current Blurb Warning Level to be Orange.

Chowderheads love Heroes! Geniuses love Lost!

And of course, so long to a good friend, a great editor, and a classy dame.