Week in Review: We Come Both to Praise ‘Ratatouille’ and to Bury It

Looking back on a week in which we developed overbites and bright-yellow skin…

Ratatouille: Masterpiece made by geniuses? Flop made by arrogant executives? Masterflop?

Lily Allen comes clean about her bikini line, and 10,000 other things.

Whatever HBOVoyeur is, it's awesome in kind of an East German Stasi way.

Bon Jovi? Ben Kweller??!

Superchunk rocked the hell out of McCarren Pool.

Odd bedfellows on New York stages this week: Manu Chao and Gunter Grass. Isaac Mizrahi and Michael Ian Black. Ghostface and Marty Markowitz.

Is the next Marley & Me really a Mitch Albom book in disguise?

John McCain vs. John McClane: Who would win in a cage match?

And finally, has Broadway director Spike Lee ever seen a play? Yes!