Akon Performs, Fans Survive!

The new and improved Akon. Photo: Brian Hineline / Retna

At last night's show at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square, irascible rapper Akon (he of heckler-assaulting and fan-molesting fame) seemed inspired to do some good — still high off his “Live Earth” performance the day before, perhaps? Just after Busta Rhymes made a surprise appearance onstage, the rapper went on a five-minute semi-rant about the media’s portrayal of hip-hop and how he always gives to charity "in secret." He then proceeded to bring a young Senegalese woman onstage and announce to the crowd that he was presenting her with “$20,000 toward her education. Did I say twenty? Make it $25,000.” (So much for anonymous giving.) Fans were confused but relieved: At least he didn’t throw her across the room after the fact. —Hillary Reinsberg

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