Every Oscar Winner in One Minute

's Kate Winslet in a still from Photo: Courtesy of R. Luke DuBois

In the midst of Campbell Robertson's interesting New York Times story this morning about performance artist Lián Amaris Sifuentes and her 72-hour performance piece in Union Square was a mention of a fascinating video project called Academy. Filmmaker R. Luke DuBois, who's filming Sifuentes in order to compress her 72-hour process into a 72-minute film, used a similar procedure for Academy, which compresses 80 years of Best Picture Oscar winners into one-minute versions and strings them together. DuBois's Website offers a few samples, including 1984's winner Amadeus and 1997's, Titanic, which shrunk down to a minute transforms from a masterpiece of cinematic excess to a fast-paced riot of action whose moods are traced in its color palette — from the warm brown glow of opulence to the frigid blues of the ship's last night. Release the whole of Academy, please! We want to see if Forrest Gump is less stupid if it's only a minute long.

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