Extreme Makeover: Hotel Edition

A still from David Ellis's Bob Floss (digital animation made for 50,000 Beds: A Project by Chris Doyle), 2007Courtesy of the artist and Chris Doyle Studio

If by some fantastical stroke of luck, you find yourself in Connecticut this weekend, skip the tennis and tea to check out the budding art scene at three cutting-edge spaces: New Haven's Artspace, Hartford's Real Art Ways, and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Chris Doyle's voyeuristic brainchild, "50,000 Beds," up concurrently at all three spots through September 15, is a collaborative megaproject that's worth the trip. Doyle asked 45 artists to create short films in or around hotel rooms in the state. In the above still, Brooklyn video artist David Ellis remixes a drab piece of hotel-room art. —Rachel Wolff

50,000 Beds [Official site]