Finally, a Man Who Treats His Sex Doll Like a Lady

Most people use the $6,500, custom-made RealDoll as God intended, for boning. But the four RealDoll owners in director Nick Holt's recent NSFW TV documentary, Guys and Dolls, are deeper than that. They call their dolls by refined names like Virginia and Kelly, give them massages, take family portraits with them, curl their hair, put them to bed, and buy them denim miniskirts. In fact, Michigan resident (and softy) Davecat’s favorite way to spend time with his doll is “not actually having sex, but just lying next to her and appreciating her, especially in the really early morning light. Just being able to see her looking at me and regarding me.” Aw! Texas res Mike, who owns eight dolls (you do the math), is even thoughtful enough to set a place at the table for his flesh-and-blood girlfriend, Jodi, alongside his silicone ones. It’s too bad these guys aren’t single. —Elizabeth Cline