‘Fred Claus’: Even Paul Giamatti Has Bills to Pay

Tagline: "'Twas the week before Christmas / And headed north in a sled / Was a very special visitor / Santa's big brother, Fred!"

Translation: From the director of Wedding Crashers comes Paul Giamatti's kid's college fund!

The Gist: Why can't Hollywood come up with better roles for great actors like Paul Giamatti and Kathy Bates than Santa Claus and Santa's mom in this Vince Vaughn holiday comedy? Vaughn mugs away in the title role as Santa's layabout sibling, and Kevin Spacey lets his mean-executive glasses do the acting for him, lending little sizzle or fun in this by-the-numbers trailer for a family-friendly comedy that will surely make a boatload of money this winter. However, watch carefully during the dance sequence: That elf shaking the maracas is none other than Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, sacrificing whatever street cred he had left.