Charles Sandison's Illegible ‘Utopia’

An installation view of Charles Sandison's (2007) Photo: Courtesy, Charles Sandison, Yvon Lambert Paris/New York

While Mario Testino got snug in Yvon Lambert’s New York gallery, Lambert’s Paris space was anything but cozy this summer. Charles Sandison’s Utopia, a multimedia installation that concluded its run over the weekend, is a bleak take on Sir Thomas More’s sixteenth-century text. Sandison immerses gallerygoers in this ever-morphing manifestation of More’s imagined paradise. More’s words shake, wriggle, and writhe like errant chromosomes as Sandison uses an advanced technology to calculate the probability of a utopian existence. The results are impossible to read, but we’re guessing a “less than likely” verdict. Check it out on YouTube here. —Rachel Wolff