Borat's Girlfriend Just Procreating With Everyone in Sight

Isla Fisher with Andy Samberg, admiring his possible handiwork. Photo: Getty Images

"I'm doing DNA tests with the cast of Hot Rod and the cast of Wedding Crashers, and hopefully I'll find out for sure." —A pregnant Isla Fisher jokes about her baby's paternity (the real dad is fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen) [Digital Spy]

"Congress bows to fear. I bring the fear." —Ben Affleck, dressed as an ear of corn, promotes the use of alternate fuel sources [Clean My Ride]

"Thank you to Craig Ferguson for not making a mockery of such a serious situation to which teens and young adults are facing across the country." —Dina Lohan in a statement released after Jay Leno made fun of daughter Lindsay's recent troubles [MTV]

"'Living on a Prayer' is most certainly nondenominational." —Jon Bon Jovi on his spiritual life [Time]

"It's like kissing your sister or something." —Matt Damon on kissing old friend Angelina Jolie in The Good Shepherd [MSNBC]
—Hannah Tucker